Developing Speed through acceleration drills! Here are a few I use for everyday speed training. Great for beginners or advanced athletes.

Never done one before? That’s fine!!! But if you’re serious about being a SPEED ATHLETE incorporate these bounding drills in your program. ⠀

When you do a Bound, the muscles of your leg coming into contact with the ground must rapidly decelerate your body. The energy is stored in your muscles, before transitioning into the next explosive Bound. The less time you can spend on the ground and more power you can produce, the more effective the exercise.⠀

And the better athlete you will become. Spending less time on the ground means you are spending more time moving in the direction you want to go.⠀

Bounding does a few great things to improve sprinting, the main one being the improvement of an athlete's stride length by improving the vertical force an athlete must put into the ground. ⠀

Bounding also helps athletes improve their coordination and rhythm. Finally, as Bounding is a very high force activity, it is a powerful tool for improving speed from 5-20 meters, or mid-acceleration.⠀

Have I convinced you yet to try it!? 

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