It’s a new year and a new chance to tackle a goal that you have been wanting to for a while! But how in the heck do you go about doing that?
Whether your goals for 2017 include getting in shape, starting your own business or if you’re like me, I just want to be on my phone less and more present in the moment, it's time to make that happen!!!
SO! With a solid goal in mind what do you do now to make sure it happens this year? Because IT IS going to happen for you this year!
How To Make Your Goals Happen in 2017:
1. Make Your Goal a PRIORITY
Most people feel like they don’t have time for fitness. They feel as if they have so many things that need to be done and they put their own goals on the back burner. Don’t make that the case this year. Take at least 30 - 60 minutes out of each day to work towards the things that you want. 
2. Construct a Goal Board
At the beginning of each year I sit down with some friends and create a poster of all the things I want to achieve during that years. I put my goals in the middle and then draw a web of ways to achieve it! Extra points if you place the poster in public view so others can keep you accountable of your goals. I know they even have a Goal Board App out there!
3. Seek Out Motivators
There WILL be times when you are not motivated to work towards your goal. When this happens I like to look to others that are working on similar goals. Talk to someone at your gym about how they got to the level they have, find out others success stories in the same subject, watch YouTube videos of others doing new and fun workouts to get inspired for the day. Find a source of inspiration.
4. Find What Drives You
For me, this means healthy competition! When competition is involved people are able to push themselves in ways they’ve never seen before. If fitness is your goal in 2017 make it a mission to join a group that challenges you every step of the way. Workout with a partner that keeps you accountable and makes you push your limits. Join a running group, find a drives your passion to be better everyday.
5. Think About The Bigger Picture
Ten years from now are you going to regret not pursuing the goals you wanted to in life? Just ask yourself that. Live a life of no regrets. Go out and get everything you want and DESERVE in life.
Now get out there and CRUSH SOME GOALS this year!!!!! Dare you to seek my help if you're stuck on any of these...

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