Stop Getting Distracted By Things That Have Nothing To Do With Your Goal

This is about to get real...

I often get the comment from others, "You know exactly where you want to go with life". And you know what, YOU'RE RIGHT I DO!

Trust me, I wasn't always like this. Through trial and error I found my goals come to fruition when I had a solid idea of how to get there and less distractions.

In order for goals to be achieved you must have a road map that will get you there. It doesn’t matter how long the map is as long as you take steps everyday towards that goal is what makes it happen.

I hear complaints like “I want to start something but all my time is spent with my significant other and what THEY want to do.” “I’m tired after work so I don’t go to the gym and watch Netflix instead.” “I wanted work on my goals last weekend but I got scrolling on social media for 5 hours.” “I would like to start something new but I’m scared what people will think.”

Personally, I found I was adding too many activities in my day to day that distracted me from the big picture. I said 'yes' to a lot of project and people when I should of said "I don't have time". I was spreading myself thin. When I was done with all the things I committed to in the day I was exhausted and naturally had no energy to work on my goals. 

So, how did I get over this?

This is why I adopted the philosophy of 'Take on Less'. Have a main focus of what you need to accomplish and work towards it. If something comes up that might distract you from success think about how it would help you towards your goals. If nothing comes to mind then know you're worth not taking on that extra project at this time because you have a goal to achieve. 

My biggest problem is that I want to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. So much so that I am hurting areas in my life that need more attention because I am stretched so thin. I found myself broken. This is when I discovered the power of less is more. Its about quality over quantity. 

Solution. Write down 3 main things to focus on in life. Mine at the moment are, working on my book, training for olympic lifting nationals, and interview more people to practice my interviewing skills for broadcasting. That is it. Just focusing on these things everyday will help me leap towards my goals. 

Distractions are everywhere. You choose everyday to give into them or to make a sacrifice for your goal. I see too many people getting distracted. It’s time to reach your goals, make a promise to yourself that you will strive for greatness this year. I’m always here to back you up!

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