From playing sports all my life I have had countless strength and conditioning coaches from all over! Over the years I have gained a lot of useful advice and picked up some great tips on how to prefect my strength training. I want to share some of my knowledge with you today!
Strength Training Tip #1 - Perfect Your Technique
Working over the years on breaking down just my squat form or my clean technique has been the best thing i’ve ever done. Once I took a chance to scale back the weight and actually work on how the lift is to be performed perfectly you can then see improvements. It can be challenging to focus on different parts of the lift instead of its whole movement. I don’t think many people realize the mobility that is needed for a perfect lift. Master this and I promise you will be able to life more in the long run!
Strength Training Tip #2 - Get Your Warm Up ON!
Strength training can be very tasking on your body. I would invest in a programming that includes a great warm up to get your muscles peeped for what they are about to do. If you plan on lifting big weight I would really increase blood flow and perform movements similar to the lifts you are about to perform. To increase mobility even more you should look more into banded distraction, which is creating space in the joint-itself, traction relaxes the nervous system – which you could say ‘distracts’ the nervous system to allow for a deeper stretch. Its one of my favourite warm up tools.
Strength Training Tips #3 - Muscle Over Miles
If size is the goal, it’s best to prioritize muscle over miles. That doesn’t mean zero cardio, just a different kind. Think about it: A pro football player doesn’t train the same way as a world-class endurance athlete does. Focus on preserving muscles and burning fat. To accomplish those goals I would suggest using hills sprints and Farmers Walk as part of a cardio routine. And if you really want to do some bad ass strength word do sled pushes, which combine strength training with cardiovascular conditioning.
Strength Training Tip #4 - Eat Up To Refuel
You’re pushing your body to the limits and stressing your Central Nervous System (CNS) with each lift you do. After your body need to refuel and recover. This is your chance to take in quality over quantity calories. By avoiding processed foods, refined sugars and alcohol, and opting for lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, lifters can then fuel their body to make gains in the gym. 
Strength Training Tip #5 - Timing Is Everything
I get asked this question a lot by people in the gym. In regards to STRENGTH training your optimal rest period should be  between 3-5 minutes. (For endurance athletes it is very different) The reason for this is because it takes 2.5 to 3 minutes for the phosphagen (Creatine Phosphate / ATP) stores to fully recover from a set of intense exercise. Full recovery allows you to produce the greatest muscular force possible for each set performed, and thus receive the greatest absolute strength gains from your training. Another good reason for this rest interval is that when combined with heavy training loads, it appears to produce greater testosterone levels in experienced strength athletes. A higher testosterone level equates to greater gains in strength. SO, rest up a little longer.
I hope that you enjoy some of these quick strength training tips. Happy Training!

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