The Dangerous Art of Blending in

Social media in 2018 can be super intimidating. When you try to standout most people have an opinion and try to shut you down. Just think, how many times have you wanted to try something new? Or have an idea for something creative to post but you had this fear it wouldn’t get likes. 

I GET IT! Don’t think I don’t. Most of the time that happens to the best of us. Especially when it comes to social media. It’s easy to quantify someone’s self worth based on how many followers they have. Therefore, most content similar to what others are posting.

Guess what? It doesn’t work. The reason I am telling you this is because I tried it. I am an athletic women trying to make a name for myself in the world so naturally I thought I should follow the trends on social media and do exactly what the other fitness women are doing. I mean, it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for me?

By doing this I basically started blending in with all the other fitness accounts out there. Then I got to thinking what am I really about? What do I have to offer to people? How can instead STAND OUT above the crowd?

And this is what I have learned:


  1. Play to YOUR Strengths.


 Think about what you have to offer. What makes you unique. Mine was that I played football and that I have a vast knowledge about training and conditioning for athletics. Not the most interesting topic for most people on social media but its what I know and am passionate about.

I started posting more videos about my specific training. Plyometrics, Olympic weight lifting, football drills and sports nutrition. People started to pay attention and I stood out.


  1. Sunny Side Up


There is a ton of negative energy online. Be the shining light that sees the silver lining in every cloud. When I started posting positive inspiring stories with my pictures I found more engagement. Comment on the posts. My rule is if people take time out of their day to comment something uplifting on something I posted then I will take the time to engage with them. Be a happy human.


  1. Time to Get Real


It time to share your personal life trials and tribulations. I’m not saying post your feelings everyday. But rather make a post about a tough time you had and how it challenged you but yet changed you for the better. Sharing life experiences can help people relate to you more on a personal level. They feel connected to you and you will gain a life long follower.



  1. Be Different


If you have a different creative idea for a video chancers are it will be a hit on social media. The times I just playing around with videos and made something up on the spot seemed to be popular. I would look for inspiration for videos on social media. I looked for to what people are NOT doing that I could do. From that I was able to create something that is my own.

GO LIVE! I noticed there wasn’t a lot of people doing live videos on Instagram that had a plan behind it. So I decided to be different. I started a segment called “The Amanda Show” which is a live Instagram show 3 times a week. I have a plan all written out either about trending sports, healthy cooking or inspirational advice.


  1. Learn & Grow


There are 3 things I have learned from posting on social media that people LOVE. 

  • Humour
  • Emotion
  • Inspiration

I found these topics to have the most engagement. Yes, you can post a picture of your butt and get 1000 comments, but did it inspire? I ask myself that when I am posting content. Keep a good mix in your posts about how you want to been seen to the world. After all your reputation is your resume.

Now take this information and keep killing it online. Just be different. Don’t find yourself blending in or you will be forgotten. Cheers!


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